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YK 11

- Myostatin inhibitor
- Lean Muscle Gainer
- Muscle Hardener
- Strength Amplifier

60 caps (6mg)

YK11, also known as Myostine, is considered one of the strongest SARMs on the market. In fact, it’s so strong and has comparable anabolic activity to steroids that it may actually be a synthetic steroid that was mislabeled a SARM in the first place.


Myostatin is a protein that is released to limit muscle growth to ensure they do not get ‘too large’. It is found predominantly in skeletal muscle, and studies show that individuals with a gene mutation that limits Myostatin production are both stronger and more muscular than those with normal amounts.

YK11 helps to inhibit the production of Myostatin in muscles by attaching itself to the Androgen Receptor. From there, it may induce muscles to create more Follistatin, which in turn limits the levels of Myostatin, allowing increased muscle growth beyond genetic capability. The results of this would include but not limited to:

  • Muscle growth never stopping
  • Increasing the number of muscle fibers, not just in size but also new fibers altogether
  • Fat loss while gaining muscle
  • What proof is there of this? Genetically gifted body builders have very low levels of this protein in their bodies, which is believed to be the cause of their muscle building gifts. Also in experiments where animals were born without myostatin they grew muscle endlessly with little exercise.


YK 11 has not yet been tested on animals and we can’t say what the potential side effects may be. However some users have reported mild acne which disappeared soon after usage.


6mg twice a day for 4 weeks.

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